Research and Development Roadmap

The research and development roadmap of the foxBMS battery managements system platform is presented and updated every 3 to 6 months on this page. We adapt the priorities of the developments based on the demands and feedback we get from our partners and customers. For further technical details, please refer to the Documentation or feel free to contact us.

Custom Battery Module with BMS-Slave Board Derived from foxBMS Roadmap
High energy density automotive battery module with cost-optimized battery monitoring electronics derived from foxBMS developed by Fraunhofer IISB with Dräxlmaier (Germany), Panasonic (Japan), and IFEVS (Italy).
CategoryProduct / Service / FeatureOnline PublicationEarliest ScheduleReleased
Embedded SoftwareCode cleanup for more comprehensive structureYes2017 Q22017-06-09
foxCondaLinux and MacOS supportYes2017 Q22017-06-09
BMS-Slave Boards12 battery cells support offering external power supply optionYes2017 Q32017-11-02
EnvironmentEclipse project files for easier code parsing and developmentYes2017 Q42017-12-13
EnvironmentMigration from FrontDesk to a more comprehensive workflow in EclipseYes2017 Q42017-12-13
Embedded Software50Hz voltage measurementsYes2017 Q42018-01-24
BMS-Extension BoardRaspberry Pi connection with Ethernet supportYes2018 Q2Postponed
BMS-Extension BoardCAN-to-USB adapter for direct and easy data loggingYes2018 Q2Postponed
Embedded SoftwareSupport for interconnection of multiple BMS-Master BoardYes2018 Q2Postponed
BMS-Slave Boards18 battery cells support based on LTC6813Yes2018 Q32018-09-25
BMS HardwarePorting of all the schematic from Eagle to AltiumYes2018 Q32018-09-25
BMS-Interface BoardSupport for reverse isoSPI from Linear Technology (available with the LTC6813)Yes2018 Q32018-09-25
Embedded SoftwareSOC history based passive balancingYes2018 Q32018-09-25
Embedded SoftwareSOH estimation for the power contactorsYes2018 Q32018-09-25
Embedded SoftwareMultiple alarm levels before power contactors openYes2018 Q32018-09-25
Embedded SoftwareEnabling parametric SOC, SOE, and SOH_Q based on Coulomb countingYes2018 Q4
BMS-Slave Boards15 battery cells supportYes2018 Q4Postponed
BMS-Slave BoardsAutomotive grade bill of materials (BOM) for the 12 and 18 cell BMS-Slave boardsYes2018 Q4
BMS-Slave BoardsEMC reports for the 12 cells BMS-SlaveYes2018 Q4
Embedded SoftwarePassive balancing on 12 and 18 cell BMS-Slaves with timer (up to 120 minutes) and PWMYes2018 Q4
BMS-Slave Boards12 battery cells with active cell balancingYes2019 Qx
BMS-Master BoardFast charging with CCS supportNo2019 Qx
BMS-Slave BoardsAddon board for sensorless cell temperature estimationNo2019 Qx