The foxBMS 1 version 1.5.1 is available on GitHub.

We publish major software releases for our open source BMS platform every 3 to 6 months and interim bug fixes when solved in the News section. By subscribing to the foxBMS Newsletter, you will be informed when the new releases are available. Further, the foxBMS Roadmap and the Documentation are also updated regularly.

Warning: The foxBMS platform including the foxBMS hardware and the foxBMS software are under permanent development. The free and open research and development platform foxBMS as presented in the documentation hereafter is not provided to be used without any adaptions (e.g., to fulfill mandatory regulations) in consumer products, electric vehicles, production environments or any similar usages: it is only intended to be used by skilled professionals trained in designing battery system prototypes.

Based on all the feedback received during the last 2 years from foxBMS software partners and users, the embedded software and the computer software have been restructured to reduce the MCU hardware dependency and enable even more flexibility.

Hereafter is a summary of the changes provided in foxBMS 1 version 1.5.1.



  • Toolchain:
    • toolchain now also compatible with POSIX operating systems
    • updated to “waf-2.0.11“ (from “waf-2.0.10“)
    • fixed missing files in eclipse workspace (CHANGELOG.rst and compiler-flags.yml)
  • Bugfixes:
    • fixed bug updating BKPSRAM values to EEPROM: BKPSRAM checksum was calculated wrongly and has been corrected
  • Enhancements:
    • modules CONTACTOR, INTERLOCK and ISOGUARD can be disabled if not needed
    • selected new EEPROM M95M02 as default EEPROM (equipped on foxBMS-Master since v1.0.5): this EEPROM provides a transperent ECC to ensure that the data are not corrupted, and in case of corruption, recovers them automatically


  • added a section on how to build and include a library
  • removed references to directory “foxbms-setup“, as it is now simply called “foxbms“
  • removed references to script ““, as this script is no longer used

In case you encounter problems, please contact us.

The Fraunhofer IISB foxBMS Team